What do you mean by Weight loss?

 Weight loss means reduction of body mass. That means physically decrease over body fluids, adipose tissue or body fat or lean mass like deposits of bone mineral, muscle, calories and others cohesive tissue. Weight loss is necessary for your physical fitness and good health.
Type of weight loss: There are two type of weight loss. Those are:.......

 1) Intentional and 2) Unintentional.
Intentional weight loss: A person who is suffering with diabetes, overweight, obese or risk of heart disease, blood pressure then he needs to decrease over body fluids, body fat, muscle etc. over all body mass that means intentional weight loss. When you need to intentionally lose weight then you may change your lifestyle habits.  You have to take some steps like design a diet plan, taking regular exercise, give up bad habits etc. to lose weight. If you can lose weight successfully, additionally looking so better and feeling well you also decrease diabetes, hypertension and heart disease even some kinds of cancer.
Unintentional weight loss: Unintentional weight loss may occur for some serious kind of diseases. A person who is suffering a poorly managed or untreated disease such as HIV-AIDS, drug addiction, Cancer, Depression and so all, unintentionally decrease his body fluids, fat, muscle overall body weight.  And that is unintentional weight loss. For this you no need to take any step like exercising or dieting to lose weight.