Best exercise for Weight loss and physical Fitness

There is no alternative than exercise to keep physical fitness or lose weight. Regular exercise is an important way of effective body fitness or weight loss. It is very well to go gym but there are many kinds of natural exercise which you can take without any exercise equipment. So choose such an exercise, which will be very enjoyable for you. Here’s describe some kinds of exercise which you can done easily at home. Here are some natural exercise which you can  take anywhere without any equipments which can help you to keep your physical health and fitness well.

Running is one of the best effective methods to burn calories and fat. Running not only builds your cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and muscular endurance but also help you to lose weight. Make a regular outdoor or treadmillrunning routine. Start running with 12 to 14 minutes per mile pace for up and for two miles should not take longer than 30 minutes. Try to running at least two miles in a day and five days per week.
If you not have enough energy to running you may take walking or jogging. It is very easy but most efficient way to keep your body fitness and quickly lose weight. Because walking or jogging also helps you to burn down extra calories and reduce over fat from your body. Though it will depend how much fast and how many miles you walk per day. Start walking with at least 20 minutes per day and 6 days per week then increase it 20 to 30 minutes day by day.
Swimming is not only a popular recreational sport but also an ideal way to lose weight and to improve overall physical fitness. It makes an excellent aerobic conditioner, also provides a great low-impact workout for your muscle, heart, lungs, bone and legs.
Bi-cycling exercise is an enjoyable and exciting type of exercise which can help you to keep body fitness and lose weight. Riding a bicycle you can roam anywhere with freedom, increase muscle mass in thighs, burn calories and exacerbate your problem area.
Jumping rope: 
Jumping rope is very easy and simple but an effective exercise for body fitness and weight loss. 10 minutes of jumping rope is similar than an 8 minutes/mile running. Jumping rope not only helps you for weight loss but also increase coordination, agility and cardiovascular endurance.
Yoga is an ancient, powerful and calming form of exercise that attempts your body more flexible. Yoga exercises help you to managing stress, disciplining yourself to balance your soul, mind, emotions also tone the muscles in your face which can help to you stay looking so younger include aiding in weight loss.
Push-ups are most useful exercise that you can easily take at home. If you exercise it correctly it can rev-up your stamina and not only strengthen your chest region but also your stabilizer muscles from shoulders and triceps.

Jumping on the Spot: Jumping on the spot is almost same ‘‘Jumping rope’’, but it is without rope. Raising your whole body off at least 5/7 inch from the ground, just jump straightly up and down. It helps you to lose weight by reduce calories and fat.
Squats: Squats is another very efficient exercise of your lower body. It helps you tobuild stamina, strengthen thighs muscles and shape your buttocks muscles. Standing up straight position, bend your knees with your arms forwards and backwards until your thighs are parallel to the floor.  Ensure that your feet and knees are aligned at all times.
Burpees: Burpee is an explosive cardiovascular and intense exercise with no equipment that can be manipulated to any kind of fitness. It tones your core, upper body and legs at once. A burpee is essentially jumped down into a squat, push-up and push back up in quick succession.

So get start for KEEP WELL…….