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There is a proverb “Health is wealth”. Keeping well means your body fitness as you desired or absence of disease. If you have a good physical fitness you will able to prevent any kind of disease, also able to cope well with your daily activities. How can you keep your body fit and healthy? Though it will depend on your physical, economic, social and cultural environments. You have to maintain some conditions. So always avoid over eating, drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes and try to drink clean and safe water and eat fresh food. Diet control and exercise is the best way and always try to maintain your daily routine. Here are also some tips:
Eating healthy food: No person can be live without eating food. If we want to live we have to eat. So we have to eat healthy food. You can also maintain a diet schedule. Example:
In Breakfast: Start your each day with take a healthy breakfast because it keeps you energy up and metabolism going for whole day. Generally you can take breakfast with pancakes, waffles, cereal, bacon, a glass hot milk, tea or coffee. Others available items are boiled egg, brown bread, hash browns,  peanut butter, toast, fresh fruits, muffins, crepes, oatmeal donuts, poptarts, vegetable omelet’s, whole-grain rolls, bagels, cereal with fruits, grilled cheese sandwich, protein drink, jelly on bread,  radish stuffed parantha or peas stuffed parantha, sausage, bagels, tomato chutney etc as you like. 

In Lunch: Usually you can take lunch with homemade hot sandwiches like hamburgers, hot dogs as like ham sandwiches, cold sandwiches, a vegetable-snack, Soup, and salad. Others items are Wholegrain sandwiches, fried chicken, Mackerel, salmon, sardine dishes, rice, fish, spaghetti, baked beans, carrots, fruits etc as you like.

In Dinner: Lunch and dinner is almost same. But by including some item you can make difference like meatloaf, pot roast, broccoli and mixed veggies, Mac and cheese, pizza, bread, tacos, Salisbury steak, vegetables, rice or mashed potatoes, pork roast, green beans, and creamed corn.

In Snacks: Between meals if you feel energy fades you can take some snacks to fill your hunger gap. Usually you can eat peanut butter, cottage cheese, vegetable raita, fruit, brown rice cakes, whole wheat, grain rye crispbread crackers, grain granola bar, skim milk made tea, coffee etc.
Always try to take natural and fresh food, green vegetables, pure and safety water for your good health. 
Exercise: Exercise is very essential and most effective ways to improve both your physical and mental fitness. Exercises not only improve your physical and mental health but also improve your sex life; weight loss; increases heart rate; cardio workouts contribute to a healthy lungs and heart. If you take exercise regularly, you will feel more energetic and relaxed, have sharper memories, sleep well at night, look better and enjoy life more. It is not necessary to take exercise for a long period of time. Exercise only thirty minutes for three times a week. There are various kind of exercise. Some exercise you can take at home naturally and some exercise you can take with home base exercise equipment.
Sleep: If you go to bed early, you will can rise early and it makes you physically and mentally fresh and healthy. Get at least six to eight hours restful sleep every night. Try to go bed each night and wake up each morning at same time. If you not sleep properly or less than five hours a night you will suffer heart disease and bad effect on your physical and mental health. Avoid drink alcohol or heavy meals close to bed time and make sure all lights are off when you lie down to sleep. When you get a sleep properly every night you will never be grumpy and tired; and your mind will be sharper than before.
Reduce over Stress: Worry and anxiety is a part of our daily life. But they can impact a bad aspect on our physical and mental health. As a result of over stress we can fall in sleep problems, high blood pressure, weight loss, chest pain, headaches even become weaken and sick. So try to reduce or control stress from your life. To reduce stress you can try to practice meditation or taking up yoga or relaxation techniques or aromatherapy or finally visit a therapist for batter treatment. Try to live always in a joyful environment and can watch a comedy film or drama.

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