How to use an Elliptical trainers exercise equipment effectively for Weight loss or Fitness

The elliptical is one of the non-impact cardiovascular exercise equipment. It is also known as elliptical machine, trainers, an exercise station, a unit of cross-training equipment, cross-country skier which are specially designed for running, jogging, walking even stair-climbing exercise. Elliptical exercise equipment also can use as an alternative of treadmills, stepper or stationary bikes but provide many of the same health benefits.  Elliptical trainers provide an excellent workout, easy to use and burns big calories. If you are unable to run or jog due to joint pain or injury, exercise on an elliptical machine will be a great idea. If you've plan to exercise on an elliptical trainers either home or gym, you have to know the proper ways...

of using elliptical exercise equipment. Follow these simple steps:

1st Step: Before starting your workout, it is important to familiarize yourself with all feature of your elliptical machine as like the program controls, resistance levels, speed levels and other important buttons for starting and emergency pausing or stopping according your need.

2nd Step: Most of elliptical machine have a digital monitor. Choose the instructions either of the machine’s pre-designed programs or set your own program from the "manual" option. Enter your age, weight and sex as the instruction of the machine that help you to count how much calories were burned; how fast and how far you went and how long it took to cover a particular distance.

3rd Step: Equip yourself with a comfortable exercise clothes that wicks away sweat. You will also wear shoes that suitable for exercising, such as running, jogging, walking or cross-training sneakers. Keep a water bottle filled with water or your favorite drinks because if you need to hydrate during your workout.

4th Step: Start your workout slowly. Grip the handlebars with your both hands for balance and lift yourself onto the machine. Then placing your feet carefully on the center of each pedals, one at a time and keep them planted as you move your feet.

5th Step: Stand up straight with both feet at the same level also your hips to align properly on the elliptical machine. Practice a good posture by keeping your shoulders back straight, pull your stomach muscles in, slightly bend your elbows and your head should be upright and facing forward at the same time. Confirm your lower body to support most of your weight.

6th Step: Bend your knees slightly to push the pedals in a forward motion with your dominant foot, they also go backwards but backward pedaling can be hard on your knees. Always grip the handlebars with your both hands especially when you use your legs in a backwards motion. Keep a relaxed stride and move your arms in a pumping motion as if you were walking or running. Move slowly and exercise the first five minutes for warm up your muscles.

7th Step: Hold your hands on the movable handlebars if you feel more balanced and confident. After moving forward sometime, stop and pull backward with your dominant foot and push forward again with your hand. Continue your working out forward or backwards without the handlebars to stabilize your body's muscles. If you hold the stationary handlebars, keeping your hands down at your sides or swinging those as you would like when jogging or running.

8th Step: Most of the elliptical machines allow you to adjust the resistance. Adjust your resistance after three or four workouts as your necessary and feel easy to move between forward and backward pedaling throughout your workout. Add variety by pedaling your legs in a backwards direction, increasing resistance, Increase the incline level to work your hamstrings and gluts muscles, and mix up your workouts on a regular basis for variety.
9th Step: Many elliptical machines include different programs based on the criteria you enter into the machine such as a fitness test, hills, intervals, age and weight. Using variety programs may prevent you from becoming bored when exercising. You should keep about 70 to 80 percent of your maximum heart rate.

10th Step: Generally, 15 to 20 minutes pedaling on the elliptical machine recommended for beginners. Then consistently you can increase the intensity of your workouts for between 20 and 30 minutes. Use a music player of your favorite one to feel more confident that may help you to get high-energy with a fast beat and keep up your pace during your workout.