Life care: My supper mom is a great mother of the world

The most sweet, lovely and beautiful word in the world is “Mother”. When a baby was born a mother was born. A mother is always willing to sacrifice her everything for her baby. It is rightly said that nothing can be compared to a mother’s love. Mother is the most important person in everyone’s life.

Become a Mother: When a women become pregnant, then her love increase for her baby day by day. A women carry this baby as long as 9/10 month with her best care. This time she fix to great image in her baby. This is the crucial time for the mother and her up coming baby. In this duration she have to suffer much pain. When the baby come out, this moment, there are no one happy like this mother in the world. When the mother looks at the face of her new born baby, she forgets the all pain in the period of pregnancy. I think that moment, this mother’s and the new born baby’s face is the most innocent face in the world. When a baby also looks at its mother’s face, he feels this is the best safety place for me. Now this mother ready to starts a new journey for her child. 

As a friend: A mother and her child have a special bond, nobody can realize this bond. A mom is always a best friend for her child. In a danger and distress moment a friend can easily turn away, but a mother is the one person who turning towards with her child. My mom is also my best friend. Her friendly behavior always captivated me. Every happy moment, and every sadness moment she always with me. I shear my everything with my mom.

As a teacher: A mom is also like as a teacher. My mom every day takes me to school. She helps me to do my homework. She always helps me to make my note. I am a first student in my class, it’s happened only for my mom. Really she is a best teacher in my life.

As a nurse: A mom is like as a nurse. A mom is always careful for her child. This care and love comes from heart. If I fall in sick, my mom cannot sleep in night. Whole night she sitting beside my bed. After recovery my illness, her soft voice make me feel very happy.

As a guider: Mother is a best guider. In every steps in our life, we are depend on our mom’s help and her guidance. She always teach us about discipline and good manners. My mom always advises me to be honest and truthful.

Home activities: A Mother always sacrifice her everything for making her family best. She does every house hold work. She prepares   breakfast, lunch and dinner. She keeps our house neat and clean.  My mom doing every household chores morning to late night, without saying she is tired or without any complain.

Mother’s Day: Second Sunday in May Is a Mother’s Day. This day is most special day for every person. In this special day we buy many gifts for our mother. In Mother’s Day I spent my whole day with my mom. Mom makes many delicious snacks for me. We repeat our childhood memories . Then I said “ just stop, mom”. But she don’t. She likes to repeat this.

My mother is the best mother of the world: Everybody thinks that their mother is the best mom in the world, I am also not different from them. My mom is very dear to me. She is very active, hard-working, pious and soft hearten women. She has upbringing me with great care and love. I love him very much. My mom an ordinary woman, but in my eyes she have many extraordinary things. My mom’s tell me bed stories when I go to bed for sleep. Sometimes she singing song’s for me. She always try to keeps me happy. My mom is every matters of my life. I cannot spend a single day without my mom. Her blessing always with me. Really I am happy to have such a nice and loving mom.

“When a mother become old, we should give our great attention and care to her. Thus way she cares us”.

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