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Shrink belly fat
Everyone likes to keep himself smart, handsome or beautiful lookout. If you wear a beautiful dress, nice shoes, goggles or have a good hairstyle, obviously you look so smart or beautiful.  Every think is OK to look you beautiful or smart, but if you have a huge belly, your all arrangement will become into zero. So, to lookout you so smart, you need to shrink your belly by reduce or burn the excess fat from belly. When you can successfully shrink your belly, you will lose weight evenly all over your body. It is difficult to burn fat from your belly by one way.  Diet control, eating fresh foods, regular exercise and some others natural way is the best method to shrink your belly. Some pill, jelly or medicine is also effective but it may harmful. Please follow the following.
Must Change your eating habits and control your diet:
Always avoid-foods: Always try to avoid all nutritionally pitiable foods and refined carbohydrates or simple sugars from your diet menu, such as fast food, junk food, any kind of fried foods and meat, packaged ready meals or processed foods, confectionery, sauces, jams, cakes, high fructose corn syrup, high fat snacks and hydrogenated oils foods. Because, those foods are contain high calories that helps to clot fat on your stomach.

Eating menu: If you want to shrink your belly, eat less food than before. When you start eating less every day, from then your belly will become to shrink. On others way, always try to eat low-fat or fat-free labels foods, plenty of high-quality protein foods, potassium-rich foods and insoluble fiber or soluble fiber foods.
Low fat or fat free foods like fruits and vegetables, dairy products, snacks and leafy salad that helps you to reduce belly fat, also keep your whole body weight off. Fresh fruits and vegetables always contain low fat and calorie.
High-quality protein foods like egg, fish, chicken and lean red meat helps you to build and repair muscle and connective tissue. When you eat less others foods, these foods also boost your metabolism.

Insoluble fiber or soluble fiber foods like various kind of fresh fruits and vegetables, consume whole-wheat bread, wheat or bran cereals. These foods help you to promote healthy digestive function and regulate energy levels.
Potassium-rich food like bananas, papaya, almonds, walnuts, cooked spinach and olive oil that help you to rid your body of extra water that holding onto the belly and therefore it makes your belly smaller.
Eating meals: It is better eat small meals more often throughout the day than overeating at a time that much helpful to burn your belly fat. Eat six small meals during the whole day regularly instead of three large ones that stimulate your metabolism high, steady, active and hunger swings at the day by burn more calories and fat than you consume. Six small meals during the day also reduce the quantity of food that you are eating at each meal which will give support to shrinking your belly. Don’t over eat at late night before go to sleep and should not go bed within half an hour after eating at late night. This way helps your belly to be bigger.
Eating process: It is important to eat slowly and chew the foods well for the digestion of carbohydrates, fats and protein easier so that your body can easily soak up the nutrients from the foods that you consume. If you eat hurriedly without chew the foods well then the large food particles get stuck in the gastrointestinal expanse bloating may occur as a resulting in a larger belly.

Drinking habit: Give up vending machine drinks, drinking sugar and sodium triggers water even carbonated beverages like juice soft drinks, diet soft drinks and beer.   Avoid smoking, drinking alcohol because those are high in calories but has no nutrients.  Drinking those things sounds much delicious when you take but those drinks lead to increased belly fat and making your belly appear bigger. So slowly but surely take away them from your life.

Instead those harmful drinks, please drink lots of pure water if you want to shrink your belly, especially before you take meal. Because water fills up your stomach, so you will feel fuller quicker and eat less food. On others site, if you are not drinking enough water, your body will not be able to function properly. So start drinking at least eight to twelve glasses of pure water per day. To shrink your belly, you also may drink green tea, it is much helpful to burn your belly fat.

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