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Exercise equipment is such kinds of materials which we used during exercising to enhance our physical fitness. There are some kinds of exercise that we can take without any equipment and some kinds of exercise that we have to need equipment help. You can use the exercise equipment at home or gym. Here I explain some kind of exercise equipment in below:

Treadmill is a popular low-impact indoors running, walking or jogging workout equipment that staying in the same place. Exercising on treadmill generally reduces fat and calories faster than other indoors exercise. Before purchasing your treadmill make sure that the standard manufacturing, stability, greater comfort, wide belt, safety shut off, duration of warranty and after sale service.
Stationary bike is also a widely used indoors exercise equipment. Exercise on bikes provides a non-impact but high intensity cardiovascular workout that increase both endurance and strength. Upright, recumbent and spin bikes is most popular and comfortable bike.  Be sure warranty and service after purchases.
Elliptical on others named Elliptical machines, Cross-trainers or Elliptical trainer is a low-impact and comfortable walking or running exercise equipment. Almost anyone can exercise with an Elliptical trainer easily because it is less risk than treadmill. It is available at most gyms but you can purchase the equipment to use at home. Elliptical trainer provides a whole body workout, burn more calories and improving cardiovascular health. Before purchases be sure the durability and service after purchases. 
A Set of dumbbells most essential part of at-home exercise equipment. There are many different sizes and weights dumbbells are available and they consist with concrete, metal and others material. Choose two equal weights and sizes dumbbells that you can handle.  Exercising dumbbells is to build your muscles.

Chin-up Bar:
Chin-ups bar is total upper body strength building exercise equipment. Set-up the chin-ups bar in any sturdy overhead suitable location. To continue with chin-ups bar may build up your back, shoulders, biceps and muscles. Before using chin-ups bar always make sure the bar is properly mounted.

Rowing Machine:
Rowing machine is one of the most popular indoors whole body workout equipment because it provides sound less smooth rowing pattern, apply a low-impact and equal effort both  lower body  (glutes, quads, hamstrings and anterior tibials) and upper body (shoulders, rhomboids, triceps, lats and pecs ) cardiovascular fitness.
Jump Rope: 
If you want an efficient and inexpensive exercise equipment, jumping rope will be a favorable one which you can use anytime-anywhere.  There are several types and sizes jumping rope available like Speed Rope, Leather Rope, Classic Rope, Weighted Rope, Beaded Rope etc.

Swiss ball:
Swiss ball is a soft-elastic made with air-filled and versatile usable exercise equipment. A durable colorful Swiss ball is able to support up to 600 pounds. Swiss ball usually used for physical therapy, keeping balance during exercise and athletic training. Swiss ball is also known a different names like balance ball, fitness ball, stability ball, gym or gymnastic ball, yoga ball, Swedish ball and therapy ball.
Thera- bands:
Thera-band is a thickness elastic exercise band and tube. A standard thera-band is about 20 cm wide, long strips and stretchy that made of natural rubber latex. Exercising of thera-band strengthens your ankles, arms, feet, legs and all cooperation of muscle groups activates. It is one of convenient physical therapy system that used for recover from an injury.
Kettebell is a cast iron hand weights. There different weighted kettlebell are available. Choose the right one among them. Swing and controlling a kettlebell targets shoulders, back, hips, glutes, and legs.

Adjustable Bench: 
Adjustable bench is multi-functional equipment for using various types of exercises. Also it called an exercise station because you can done about 30 different of bodyweight exercises on adjustable bench at different position like lie, sit or rest. The adjustable bench is specially designed with a comfortable high density seat and back pads.

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